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Oliver Hubbard


Oliver Hubbard – MFIT SUPPS Ambassador

Is a Vegan bodybuilder and a professional athlete that represents the most prestigious and respected drug free federation in the world – World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

The only three words to best describe Oliver are motivation, education and inspiration. Oliver is the youngest American bodybuilder that has reached the highest International level of fitness expertise. He has been awarded with the Pro Card from World Natural Bodybuilding Federation at his first competition called OCB Battle of the Godz. Consuming 100% plant based nutrition plan. This has never happened at WNBF.

In his own words;
“My purpose is to live happy, healthy, strong life through an active lifestyle. With a movement perspective that allows us to achieve longevity through a functional foundation. I want to help others reach their fullest potential in a sustainable manner.
I am vegan because of the health benefits, compassion for the animals, and the sustainable lifestyle. There is a lot of misinformation and myths out there in regards to building muscle and consuming a vegan diet. When executed properly it's a lifestyle myself and many others thrive off of.
I train others to help them achieve their goals because it's an amazing process to be a part of. When somebody has that drive. I want to guide them on a path that'll only optimize their time”

As an Elite MFIT SUPPS Ambassador my goal and motto is to proudly represent athletes that believe in healthy living. Our American-Chinese supplement company wants to achieve a leadership in clean nutrition.

CERTIFICATIONS: Personal trainer certified by International Sports Sciences Association.