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Samuel Kwok


Grand Master Samuel Kwok

Samuel Kwok teaches Wing Chun around the world and has Wing Chun divisions in over 35 nations that he visits annually. In 1981, he was appointed Chairman and Senior Overseas Representative of the Ip Chun Marital Art Association, by Grandmaster Ip Chun himself. The Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Marital Art Association has now grown to become one of the largest Kung Fu organizations in the country. With students in Europe, USA, South Africa, and Australia, the organization has now become international. In 1998, Master Samuel Kwok received a BA honors degree from Manchester University for his life time achievement and promotion of Martial Arts. Today, Master Kwok is constantly promoting Wing Chun across the world by conducting and organizing seminars, competitions, demonstrations, books, videos, and helping the B.C.C.M.A. promote Chinese Martial Arts. He also helps to arrange tours and training in Hong Kong with Grandmaster Ip Ching for his students, showing that, like himself, he wants his students to benefit from this great Master first hand.