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Steve Laureus


When you see Steve Laureus it’s hard to imagine him as anything less than the undeniable bodybuilder he carries himself as today. However, this was hardly the case in his youth. Steve was a frail boy whose aspiration was not to sculpt the best physique in the world, but rather to be the best soccer player in the world. Although he was offered a spot on the JR national USA team, he declined the opportunity and obliged to his father’s orders to receive an education.

One day Steve was in the library to finish some schoolwork, but a Muscular Development magazine perched atop the newspaper rack caught his eye. Fascinated, he gazed at the magazine and immediately became intrigued by the powerful man who graced the cover. He soon learned this man was a famous bodybuilder named Ronnie Coleman, and just like that, Steve was determined to transform his skinny physique into one that would emulate that of his new role model.

That summer, Steve began to train with his father, and within a short three months he gained 40 pounds. Bodybuilding blossomed into his passion, and he unearthed a confidence within himself that he didn’t even have during the peak of his competitive soccer days. Competing in a bodybuilding contest was never an anticipated chapter in Steve’s book, but as fate would have it, Steve crossed paths with the CEO of Musclemania organization who promised Steve that if he did a show he’d promote and provide him with sponsorship opportunities. Steve had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and before he knew it, he turned pro at Musclemania New England, and went on to win the Universe title in Florida only six weeks later.

Just when it seemed like Steve couldn’t lose, he developed a debilitating hernia that required surgery to heal. But during the procedure, Steve experienced a life-threatening blood clot and his lungs partially collapsed. Steve was bedridden in the hospital for 12 days, and he spiraled into a depression as he questioned whether he’d even make it out of the hospital alive.

Thankfully he did, and since that incident, Steve knew there would never be an obstacle he couldn't tackle. Ever since the day Steve received permission to resume weightlifting, he has not taken any workout, set, or even the slightest rep for granted anymore. Steve realized life is too precious to just “exist” and he promised himself he would live a life filled with excitement, determination, and tenacity. So he decided to compete in the NPC, won his first show, and then competed at nationals where he became a professional bodybuilder in the most prestigious bodybuilding league, IFBB. Steve made his professional debut this past March at the Pittsburgh Pro and walked away with a first place finish. The victory humbled Steve and inspired him to set even higher goals for himself.

Your first observation upon looking at Steve will undoubtedly be his muscles. However, his most impressive muscle lies unseen to the naked eye—his heart. Steve intends to use his bodybuilding success to donate to charities that provide aid to those who feel hopeless, but in the meantime, Steve strives to spread his message that the comeback is always greater than the setback. His goal is to use his platform to motivate others that it is possible to improve your situation if you work hard and believe in yourself. Although Steve’s passion may be bodybuilding, he encourages everyone to discover their own unique talents and pursue each to the best of their ability. Steve says, “your potential is unlimited. You just need to rise to it.”